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Heartbeat of a Dead man May 22, 2011

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If you sit in the cold mist, in the artic

You’ll get a tan

Yeah, it makes no sense

Like the heartbeat of a dead man

But his soul is in a place

Where ghosts meet face to face

Get the taste, of the sweet victory

When you end it all there by slamming into a tree

What’s that supposed to mean?

Just feel worthless and hurt and then you’ll see

You’ll lose it and find yourself six feet beneath

Yeah, grind your teeth

You’re the vegetarian with the beef

Yep, so sit in the desert with a fan

It’s just like the heartbeat

The heartbeat of a dead man


Crime does not pay

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Burglars with guns in black jackets

About to shoot it up worse than a heroin addict

Well, I guess I’ve had it

I’ve had my shot

Now the only thing to do is to not get caught

The cops don’t play

You’re the dragon, and they slay

They’re not afraid; they are here to get paid

And they’re not leaving until they hear you say

“I’m guilty”

You can’t lie, feeling deep inside always shine

I can’t afford to make mistakes because I don’t have the money to pay

The bill gets so high; I have to put it on lay-a-way

What else can I say?

Crime does not pay


Just be this

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Jesus, Jesus, you wanna split my peanut butter jelly covered Reeses’ pieces?

The dogs are off their leashes

And now the school principle teaches

Such a tasty rhyme

I oughta make you eat this

I oughta make you see this

So picture this in your mind

Every single time that I rhyme

Just be this

Be the inspiration I get when I write

Be the sun at night

Take me higher than a kite

So will you be mine tonight?

We can have a sleepover

With snow mobiles and leaf blowers

Not the average just a brush off my shoulders

You feel that rush of the creating composer

So just be this

Be the inspiration I get when I write

Be the sun at night

Take me higher than a kite

Be the imagination

Be the vacation trip in my head

Be the pillow in my bed

Just be there

Love is too bliss

So just be you

So just be this


For Granted

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I’m touching the stars

I can’t get higher

I’m like a bird

I can’t flyer

Imagination can take you anywhere

They’re just like car tires

I’m the boss

I can’t get fired

You must have dandruff, because you flake

You take everything for granted

Don’t plant seeds if you can’t water the plant you planted

If you ever get sick of what you don’t have

Don’t take what you do have for granted



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Birds aren’t afraid of heights

Birds aren’t afraid of sights

Birds fly higher than kites

Birds fly with all their might

The suns out but it’s a gloomy day for me

Lock me up, throw away the keys

I’ve been searching for the prisoner

I guess that person is me

I’ve been in the cell for a while

Thinking up all the numbers I wish to dial

I used to close my eyes, close my eyes and dream

I stopped looking for the enemy when I found out it was inside of me

It’s sad, but I’m glad it’s found

I’ve been looking all around town

Looking for a king, but still no crown

I can’t get up when I feel down

Tired from being tossed around

I can’t seem to get my feet back on the ground

Is it bad when your ears can’t hear a sound?

I enjoy silence; it makes my merry go round

I really hope this inspires you

Inspires you to make a breakthrough



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Hopelessness is an open wound that doesn’t heal

There is no antibiotic to prescribe, there is no pill

There are no drugs till the gap

There is no recovery let alone a relapse

There are just these pens without the caps

There’s a catch, believe in yourself, now that’s a fact

You can’t force them to be there, or make guidelines

The roads have changed in time

It’s the same kind

Pick yourself up when you fall

You can’t count on anyone, you can’t rely

Even when I tell the truth, it still looks like a lie

I don’t care if you fail

I just want you to try



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You can see the bright light and the trees cast a shadow at dark

You can see the great minds; from time to time collide, at the park

 Don’t believe me? Just look at the sparks

They’re colorful, and loud

But you still can’t hear a sound

Lost thoughts can’t be found

Look around the whole town

My feelings up but I can’t stop looking down

What’s a king without his crown?

Take a look around, and tell me

What grade did they say failed me?

Put the key in the ignition

Does this tweak your minds’ vision?

I have the tools of a technician

It multiplies your division

These rhymes so hungry

Don’t let them die of malnutrition

Your imagination should be blowing your mind

Like a gunshot to the head

It’s too early to get out of bed

There are too many words in my head

There are not enough of my words said

When you get creative and use your imagination, it leaves a mark

Once you get going, you see sparks