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Realistic Fantasies May 22, 2011

Filed under: Poetry — poetrybee @ 7:53 pm

I sleep with my glasses on

So I can see my dreams

Near and crystal clear

Like a movie theater screen

So welcome to my realistic fantasies

My mind must be a mission because you’re on it all the time

I’m trying to find, what I never lost

Fire me, boss

Toss my papers

The ones next to the stapler

On your desk

I’m your best worker

So tell me what’s next

Let’s take a guess on how much you mean to be

Let’s take a peek in my realistic fantasies

They seem so real, I barely know they are fake

I feel like I’m living them they keep me awake

For goodness sake, take me

Abduct me, make me think

Make me sink to my fantasies

I know they’re fake, but they’re real to me

So force me into the world

Into the world of realistic fantasies


One Response to “Realistic Fantasies”

  1. fiveloaf Says:

    the pressure of working for someone else? nice write!

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