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Poetry May 22, 2011

Filed under: Poetry — poetrybee @ 7:48 pm

The frog legs of poetry are not dissectible

The rhymes in my mind walk on all fours like an animal

My poetry is flammable

The words are getting so hot it doesn’t even matter though

And just to let you know

Poetry is an illegal park truck that I wouldn’t tow

I can’t just make up these words

I just let them flow

I lay my rhymes on the surface

Let them sink in and get deep

While the audience is on the edge of their seat

With a clenched cheek

Cold feet

Poetry is the beauty and the poet is the beast

Poetry is the pit bull and yes it’s off its leash

Poetry is the carnivore and the punch line is the beef

Vampires, sink your teeth

In to the flesh of poetry

There are no words for me to use

To tell you how much this means to me

Poetry itself, unlike anything else

From the old books laying by themselves on the shelf

Almost unreadable

They are just too strong

Too fast, too unbeatable

So I’ll tell you what it means to me

Look me in the eye, let’s talk about poetry


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