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Eyes Of A Blind Man May 22, 2011

Filed under: Poetry — poetrybee @ 7:46 pm

I’m sick of this, I’m done trying

Cut off my wings I’m done flying

Wipe my tears I’m done crying

I want to start living, I’m done dying

Call me the salesman, I’m sick of buying

Eating this misery, I’m done with dining

I’ve been searching, but I haven’t been finding

I’ve been unwinding, and lying, on my bed

Trying to figure out, the words and images in my head

I brain has been fed, with creativity

Creativity is the monster that has got into me

As I walk down the street I try hard not to kick the can

I try to sit back and see things through the eyes of a blind man

No color, no imagery

So use your brain and create creativity

Create pictures; see what you want to see

I create things in my mind as fast as I can

I can visualize things through the eyes of a blind man

Keep your eyes open when you dream, I find that clever

Only your brain, not glasses can help you see better

Especially in stormy weather

And when it rains

So be the undercover vampire, cover your fangs

When it rains, yes it pours

But when it shines, it’s all yours

So use it to your advantage

Come on, get a grip

Hold on to that tightrope; make sure your hands don’t slip

I see everything the way I want to, I create what I what it to be

I am the artist so I paint what I want to see

So next time you feel like kicking over the soda can

Sit back and see things through the eyes of a blind man


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