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Breakthrough May 22, 2011

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Birds aren’t afraid of heights

Birds aren’t afraid of sights

Birds fly higher than kites

Birds fly with all their might

The suns out but it’s a gloomy day for me

Lock me up, throw away the keys

I’ve been searching for the prisoner

I guess that person is me

I’ve been in the cell for a while

Thinking up all the numbers I wish to dial

I used to close my eyes, close my eyes and dream

I stopped looking for the enemy when I found out it was inside of me

It’s sad, but I’m glad it’s found

I’ve been looking all around town

Looking for a king, but still no crown

I can’t get up when I feel down

Tired from being tossed around

I can’t seem to get my feet back on the ground

Is it bad when your ears can’t hear a sound?

I enjoy silence; it makes my merry go round

I really hope this inspires you

Inspires you to make a breakthrough


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