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My Thoughts April 5, 2011

Filed under: Poetry — poetrybee @ 8:42 pm

I like to write about whatever that’s on my mind

Life’s not a videotape, you can’t just fast forward and rewind

It takes time, it’s fine

Just try not to think about it

How can I sleep at night? My mind is throwing a fit

So please sit, and let me introduce you to my mind

I promise something is on it all the time

Even the little-less bit of stress gets to me

It creeps up on me when I’m not looking

Look at all this time that it took me

Earthquake, it shook me wide awake

Can’t close my eyes, can’t take a break

It always takes the best of me

Oh and where’s the rest of me?

Everyday, I day dream

It’s a part of me that gives me natural creativity

If I could control it, just roll it, up

And tuck it away

I wouldn’t be writing the poems I write today

Please get out of my face

I really do need my space

I gave you my trust

You blew it like a lit candle

Guess it was too hot to handle

Sit it on the mantle

Before you get burned, and turn, the table

And I start to Fable

Yes, I am able

I’d hook it up, but I don’t have the cable

Let’s make it a lawsuit, a case

Found guilty?

Let’s ditch this place

My thoughts are taking over

A star, a supernova

Up in the sky, looking down at me

Telling me who, and what to be

My thoughts, they run through my mind

Everyday, every single time

My mind is racing with beautiful rhymes

All of it’s priceless

It’s not the money

But simply the time that was spent

It’s my true passion, lights flashin

Heart racin’, I’m pacin

All the words like a dictionary

Only if I had a canary

To sing every word I spoke

Every word I wrote

All my thoughts being put on paper with ink

I’m drowning in the pool of words, of poetry

I can’t swim, but the words are helping me float

No needs for a boat

I’m truly inspired, with love and desire

I can’t put this fire out

It’s heaping higher and higher

Words flowin through my head

A boat on a lake of vocab

That I must have

I’d pay, but I purposely lost the tab

In the lake, when I was fishin

For a word that rhymes with flock

Well, I guess a flock is a mockery of a gentleman’s insecurities

I must not have dollars, cause that does not make sense

But the time that was spent

Is priceless, it will get you verbally rich

My thoughts are made of inspiration and creativity

What has gotten into me?

What could it be?

A mystery?

Call Sherlock Holmes, get him on the phone

My thoughts are ticking like a clock

A bomb, tick tock

There’s a knock, on the door

Next to the window, on the fifth floor

Did you have enough, or do you want more?

Like an apple, eat it to the core


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