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Flock Away April 5, 2011

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I act like a criminal

All my accidents are intentional

My words are way too influential

I’m too visual

But you already know

I think too much

Too cold to touch

You feel a rush

From the slightest brush

Of my shoulder

You feel the wrath of discomposure

The noise of a lawn mover

A breeze of a reef blower

Come here, come closer

There’s no need to be shy

Why do you think that birds fly?

To get away from their misery

To get out a cell of a penitentiary

Down in Tennessee

That means a lot to me

Please? Can you stay?

Remember all the words I’ve said today

Like birds they flock away


2 Responses to “Flock Away”

  1. What fun yet deep words! Very enjoyable rhyme scheme. 🙂

    My potluck poem: Fly Geyser.

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