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Fit For a King April 5, 2011

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A man who stood up for what he believed in

He stood above all things

He wore a crown of courage

A crown fit for a king

Although he didn’t sing

He did use his voice

To inspire and rejoice

No matter the color of your skin, no matter what you look like

If you want respect you have to take a stand and fight

With all your might, don’t give up

We won’t stop till they get enough

Lock us up, throw away the keys

We’ll be right back knocking on your door Christmas Eve

We’re not giving up; we will get what we deserve

Telling us we’re not good enough, well I think you have some nerve

Look Sir, how can you judge someone when you don’t know them?

If they think we will just sit here getting stepped on, well I’ll show them

We will blow them, out the water

Mothers and fathers will walk miles with picket signs

Yes, I know we have crossed the line

But in time, the signs will not say “Colors Only”

Blacks will not sit in the back of the bus by their lonely

And no, I am not the only one who feels this way

And as I say this, all you can do it sit there and stare

As you hold your breathe, like there is no kind of air

As we stand up for freedom, don’t you see ‘em?

Marching in the hot weather

Asking for what we want, just for us to be together

At first it felt like a feather, but now it’s like a boulder

Carrying this weight on my shoulders

We say our speech, and you just sit their and grind your teeth

While we’re back on our feet, standing up for what we believe

Yes, we can achieve our goals and our dreams

Now we dance to the rhythm of freedom

If we can’t join them, we beat them

Now sink your teeth in the new and improved world

Black boys and white girls, all on the same bus

No fighting, no screaming not giving a fuss

Martin Luther King fought for all of these things

At first he was just a man who believed, then he grew angel wings

His job was done, now we’re all together as one

Around the bush we went, only time, not money spent

We got just what we asked for

Not less, nor more

Now we can stand up

Rejoice and sing

Because the world is much different now

Different for you and me

So bow down to the man with the crown

Martin Luther King


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