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Deadly Traveler April 5, 2011

Filed under: Poetry — poetrybee @ 8:50 pm

You’re lost, you want to take a different path?

If you do, it’s gonna cost

And before you leave the office, I ma have to phone your boss

Oh, and by the way all of the maps have been tossed

So how will you get home?

You better hitch hike a piggy back ride

Like surfing in the ocean, you riding high tide

Why do you think birds fly?

Yes, they too, wonder what lays the other side

So before you go all Christopher Columbus

You need to learn where the road is

Because this is a strange town

No one like you around

How funny does that sound?

Like a bullet to the head, chest to the ground

Yes, he’s the best around

As we burry your body in the forest, where you’ll never be found

Why yes, you are the best

Getting caught just like the rest

What a crap, a mess

On your knees, in the mud, in a wedding dress

Your ticket, my arrest

Who’s the deadly traveler?

Can you take a guess?


2 Responses to “Deadly Traveler”

  1. Samanthamj Says:

    Ha! loved this.

    “So before you go all Christopher Columbus”

    =) that line was great..

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